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QS-1227 Servo Motor 1200mmx2750mm

Machine Size:

1200mm x 2750mm


Max. Production Speed:

15,600 sheets per hour


General Specifications


Full Independent Servo motor drive design, fast order set-up by TCY QS Smart-Tech CNC computer system & User Friendly HMI for easy operation.


By non-stop order change design to prepare next order printing die and ink while machine still running current order to maximize your productivity with consistent high-quality boxes at fast speed.


QS Servo control system controls each main shaft positioning absolute accurate position and no need to calibrate.


Powerful QS Smart-Tech system provides many convenient functions such like maintenance reminder system, error troubleshooting, efficiency status, driver monitor, dynamic information, quick port check…etc.



• Lead edge feeder uses “Sun” high speed extend O feeder with auto feeding stroke.

• Maximum operation speed up to 260 sheets per minute. The continuous feed, skip feed and interrupt feed are available.

• Auto zero-set position is set by HMI.

• The sizes of sheet shall be input through MHI for the side guides, back stoppers and the gap of front stoppers and pull rolls to be adjusted automatically.

• Suction blower is driven by AC inverter and suction power is adjusted through the knob with negative pressure gauges.

• Suction box fits air dampers to be acted by pneumatic cylinder according to the length of sheet.

• When the suction box reaches to the setting pressure, the machine will auto-start feeding sheet.



• Top printing design.

• Anilox roll, Printing cylinder and impression cylinder (All main shafts) are direct driven by individual AC servo diver with gear reducer motor.

• Ceramic anilox roll with dual doctor blades ink chamber device.

• Auto ink wash system is programmed in PLC and auto zero-set position with memory is set by HMI.

• The unused printer can lift up it’s upper printing unit to replace the printing plates when the machine is running.

• Motorized reel rod locking device with auto tighten for mounting and hand press the pawl with ratchet wheel to release the printing plates.

• Ink supply and circulation is via Peristaltic pump and Ink sensor detects ink supply for interrupted feed will alarm with waning light.

• Safety cover follows the upper printing unit to lift up for open and down for close.

• Digital sensor detects suction pressure when it reaches to the setting pressure, the machine will auto-start run.



• Processing sequence arranged as 1st crush – 2nd pre-crease – 3rd crease – 4th slot 4 pairs of upper shaft & lower shaft are driven by 4 sets AC servo driver with gear reducer motor.

• Single slotting shaft is fitted both leading knives and trailing knives.

• The 2nd pre-creaser with large creasing wheel to grant sufficient scoring line.

• Stainless strip defecator extrude the waste slotting paper.

• Trimming guider leads the waste paper drop to the bottom conveyor underneath the slotter unit to carry out.

• Auto zero-set position is set by HMI.

• Slotting position and box height is setting via HMI.




• Die drum and anvil drum are separated driven by two sets AC servo control with gear reducer motor.

• Anvil trimming with circumference setting for the die drum and the anvil drum synchronized rotation.

• The oscillation movement of Anvil drum is acted by the hydraulic cylinder with pump.

• Auto zero-set position is set by HMI.

• Motorized movement for Aluminum circles.


FOLDER GLUER (Bottom Folding)


• Top printing machine with Down folding folder gluer.

• Upper delivery belts with suction in the rear secction of folding beams. 

• Lower folding belt with adjustable fixture to hold the sheet turning 180 degree of spiral folding.

• Both upper deliver belts are driven by an inverter motor.

• Both lower folding belts are driven by two individual servo motors and the running speeds can be adjusted separately for square folding box.

• Both side guiding wheels are used to hold both folding edges of box in order to get accurate folding gap for flap side.

• 3 pairs of sensor are fitted in 3 sections of both folding beams to detect such inclined delivery of folding sheet. When it is over the setting tolerance, the machine will stop run automatically.

• Standard equipment is “Valco” flexoseal and Glue wheel is an optional device to be selected by customer.




• Top loading design is available for die cutting box use.

• Full integrated control by PLC and setting parameter via HMI.

• The ledge down to receive the folded boxes and transfer to the platform for squaring and stacking boxes.

• The ledge and sensor is accurate counting boxes for each bundle.

• When the received boxes is up to the setting number of bundle, the platform will down to the bottom to discharge bundled boxes and the ledge will down to receive boxes for the next bundle at the same time.

• The Pneumatic pusher will extrude the bundled boxes on the bottom belt and the row wheels will press on top of the bundled boxes to delivery without collapse.

• The ledge uses AC servo motor to drive for quick moving and positioning.

• Full automatic detection are fitted in CE unit for auto start or stop operation.